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For a better planet


Land based fish farming aquaponic

Our aim is to produce healthy fish in a substainable, local and organic way. Our way is to use a recirculating aquaculture system (RAS). We grow in a controlled and traceable environment without the use of antibiotics or hormons.

We farm high quality local fish, mussel, oysters, caviar without more pressure on our oceans. Locally farm raised and land based.


Hydroponic vegetable growing

Clear and healty water is an existing and constantly growing problem in our world. Vegetable plants do have a great energy growing root systems so they can search the soil for the water and nutrients to survive. By providing constant and readily available nutrition our hydroponic system allows plants to grow up to 50% faster than they do in soil by using 15% of the water which is needed for an regular growth.


Bio dynamic tea farm

We still have a very limited understanding of our planet. The responsibility to preserve and further develop our nature and its original forms is part of our planting on sustainably produced and compost-generated mother earth. The development of new, organic, re-cultivable planting methods like Permaculture using GMO-free, non-manipulated seeds is one of our tasks for a better future.